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Family Law

One of our firm’s specialities is family law and in particular issues relating to children and the law. Our trusted litigation department deals with divorce proceedings, local and international adoptions, maintenance matters, disputes relating to residence and contact regarding minor children, and domestic violence and harassment court proceedings. These matters feature in both the High Court and the Children’s Courts and our aim is to ensure that the best interests of minor children are upheld.

These areas of law are often very challenging both emotionally and financially. Mahomed recognizes the emotional trauma that may be associated with matters related to family law and deals with such matters with understanding and sensitivity.


Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes without the need of going to court. We believe that disputing parties should make every effort to resolve their disputes cost effectively and without delay. One of the many benefits of mediation is that the outcome of the dispute is in the hands of the parties.

Mahomed has received extensive training in mediation and is accredited locally by the Law Society of South Africa and internationally by the ADR Group (UK). Mahomed has presented papers on mediation at numerous conferences and workshops and has for many years presented the Appropriate Dispute module to Candidate Attorneys at the School for Legal Practice in Durban.

Property Transactions

Our conveyancers, along with support staff methodically attend to your property needs to ensure a seamless and stress-free registration process. With the latest technology and a wealth of knowledge at our disposal we are well placed to ensure that you receive the service you deserve. We offer a personalized service and are happy to arrange for the signing of transfer and bond documents at a place of convenience to our clients.

Our property services include drafting of purchase and sale agreements, registration of sectional and conventional transfers, deceased estates transfers, endorsements of deeds, registration and cancellation of mortgage bonds. We pride ourselves with client satisfaction and ensure effective and regular reporting to clients and stakeholders.

Local & International Adoptions

Mahomed is an expert in the field of local and international adoptions and has gained extensive experience in his many years in this specialized field. Mahomed has been involved in precedent setting litigation in the High Court of South Africa relating to local and international adoptions.


Arbitration entails referring a dispute to one or more arbitrators who make a binding decision referred to as an award. In choosing arbitration, the parties opt for a private dispute resolution procedure instead of going to court. We are from time to time approached to act as arbitrators in civil and commercial matters and our offices are comfortably suited to conduct arbitrations.

Estate Planning & Deceased Estates

Drafting of Wills and administration of deceased estates is a practice area that we pride ourselves in. We know that the process of winding up your loved one’s estate can be a daunting task. Our attorneys have extensive experience in this field and assist our clients every step of the way.


We draft contracts on behalf of clients and ensure that the terms of the contracts are suited to the parties’ specific needs and interest. Poorly drafted agreements can often lead to ambiguity and uncertainty resulting in a break down of the relationship between the parties and may very well lead to costly and long drawn out litigation.

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